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Sensitive soap bar

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This Sensitive soap is 100% natural, it's unscented, uncoloured and handmade using a traditional cold process method and like all our products, it’s vegan and made with lots of skin lovin’ natural ingredients.

This soap is really gentle on the skin due to the high amount of olive oil, infact it’s made with 100% natural ingredients which makes it even better. We have carefully chosen a blend of oils and butters to clean, nourish and moisturise your body. This bar includes olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil, what it doesn't include is colorants, palm oil, animal products, sulfates, SLS or parabens. It's a little wonder soap that's gentle enough for your face (don't get it in your peepers though).

You will receive one of our bars (100g minimum). All our soaps are wrapped in compostable cellophane but you will have the choice of wrapped or unwrapped (naked) when ordering.